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Envisioning alternative academies to broaden access to scholarly practice


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Our Team

Picture of Bethelihem Gebresilasie

Bethelihem Gebresilasie is a student at NYU: Gallatin studying Suffering (Anthropologically, Philosophically, and through Art History). Beth is a storyteller (The Moth), an artist, a writer, and a poet. Beth is interested in becoming an art writer and curator, and curated a show on Neurosis for Project Gallery V, set to exhibit on January 15, 2023. Beth is also curating a show for the NYU 4th Floor in January 2023 as well. On top of that, Beth is interested in alternative academic institutions due to to multiple international experiences within academic institutions that have both varied in quality yet also maintained qualities of similarity.

								of James Mathews

James Mathews is an organizer of this workshop because he wants serious research to become a viable option now. This means research on topics chosen by an open community of scholars on the basis of the topics' importance to society and the living world we steward, performed honestly and rigorously.

James has background in differential geometry and topology, and works on research, programming, and data modeling in the area of computational pathology in the Nadeem Lab.

Picture of Joshua Meyers

Joshua Meyers is a mathematics student and aspiring scholar who is on a mission to build scholarly institutions (1) in order to enable societal self-reflection and (2) in order that he will have a place to be a scholar in community.

Joshua has background in Applied Category Theory, and works on research and programming at Conexus AI.

Our Advisors

Picture of Jon Collins

Jon Collins has advised some of the world’s largest technology companies, including Cisco, EMC, IBM, and Microsoft in product and go-to-market strategy. He is frequently called on to offer direct and practical advice to support IT and digital transformation initiatives, and has served on the editorial board for the BearingPoint Institute thought leadership program.

Jon wrote the British Computer Society’s handbook for security architects and co-authored The Technology Garden, a book offering CIOs clear advice on the principles of sustainable IT delivery.

Picture of Jay Cooper

Jay Cooper is an entrepreneurial ecosystem builder and entrepreneur from Iowa City, Iowa. He is the director of the Undergraduate Startup Incubator at The University of Iowa's John Pappajohn Entrepreneurial Center; founder of EntrePartners, a non-profit dedicated to community building through entrepreneurship; and the co-founder and CEO of Cider Finder, an app and community currently under development that aims to connect cider enthusiasts to the brands they love. Jay has nearly a decade of experience in entrepreneurship and over two decades of experience in community building.

Picture of Elizabeth Guilday

Elizabeth Guilday is an executive coach and corporate trainer specializing in interpersonal communication and leadership development through her firm, Indigo Resources. She co-wrote and ran the New York University School of Continuing & Professional Studies’ Coaching Certification Program in the mid-aughts and now teaches coaching for the Columbia University Coaching Certification Program. Elizabeth is passionate about the power of committed listening to empower people to impact their communities and live deeply fulfilling lives.

Picture of Marek Lis

Marek Lis Marek has spent most of his life working in the creative industry.

Born in Poland, grew up in Australia and now 25 years in New York, he has worked as a copywriter, planner and managed ad agencies.

For the past 10 years he has run a consultancy - Alchemy - which specializes in building the frameworks and support structures to get the best collaboration between agencies and their clients. A perfect way to demonstrate the fusion of analytics and creativity.

Marek is a writer at heart. Currently he is working on a great novel. A Booker prize-winning tour de force. Unfortunately he hasn’t progressed beyond the first page.

Picture of Gwyn Osnos

Gwyn Osnos coaches Joshua Meyers as he conceptualizes and builds Scholarship Workshop. Gwyn brings to bear 25 years of experience, leading operations, and analyzing and advising management on organization and process in corporate, nonprofit, government and theatrical environments.